Today Gold Price in Sri Lanka

24k Per Tola

252813 LKR

24k Per Gram

21,675 LKR

Gold Price in Sri Lanka

On 24th July 2024 the price of 24k Gold is 252813.09 LKR per tola in Sri Lanka. Today 24K gold price is 216750.2 LKR for 10 grams and the cost of 24K gold per gram is 21,675 Sri Lankan Rupees. Gold prices in Sri Lanka are also calculated per ounce, kilogram, tola, and gram for the most common karats.

The prices of gold in most common karats are given in the table. Karat denotes the purity of gold. 24 karat is 99.9 percent pure gold while 22 karat gold contains 75 percent gold and 25 percent other metals.

Gold PurityPer Tola10 Grams01 GramPer Ounce

In Sri Lanka, the 21K gold price per gram is 18,963 LKR, the cost of 18k gold per gram is 16,254 LKR, and the 14k gold per gram value is 12,642 LKR.

24K Gold Prices as per Weight

Gold is the word that represents something expensive, pure, and beautiful. It is widely used to make jewelry, especially during the wedding season. The prices of gold fluctuate due to many reasons. In the below table, you can check the current prices of Grain, Ratti, Masha, Tola, and kilogram of gold for 24 Karats.

24K Gold WeightPrice in LKR
1 Grain1404.517453
1 Ratti3901.5036
1 Masha21068.11944
1 Tola252813.0983
1 Kilogram21675020

Last 30 Days Gold Price History – Per Tola

26 December 2023252124.7008231106.5332220609.1132189093.5256147068.8542105049.8981
25 December 2023251051.6312230126.774219676.0092188288.7234146450.6728104605.3906
24 December 2023250876.6742229975.1446219512.716188160.4216146345.6986104531.7921
23 December 2023250876.6742229975.1446219512.716188160.4216146345.6986104531.7921
22 December 2023250748.3724229823.5152219372.7504188043.7836146252.3882104564.2174
21 December 2023249138.768228377.204217996.422186854.076145330.948103809.3363
20 December 2023249803.6046228995.3854218579.612187355.6194145727.5172104088.451
19 December 2023248438.94227735.695217389.9044186329.205144922.715103517.7413
18 December 2023248,429227,726217,375186,321144,917103,512
17 December 2023249,023228,271217,895186,767145,263103,760
16 December 2023249,023228,271217,895186,767145,263103,760
15 December 2023247,680227,040216,720185,760144,480103,200
14 December 2023249220.4146228365.5402217984.7582186842.4122145330.948103804.5541
13 December 2023242851.9798222731.9248212607.7464182235.2112141738.4976101241.6674
12 December 2023243831.739223513.3994213354.2296182876.7202142240.041101590.0651
11 December 2023245418.0158225076.3486214847.196184148.0744143231.464102306.2224
10 December 2023246257.8094225741.1852215477.0412184696.273143651.3608102609.0146
09 December 2023246257.8094225741.1852215477.0412184696.273143651.3608102609.0146
08 December 2023249045.4576228295.5574217914.7754186784.0932145272.629103770.1459
07 December 2023249068.7852228307.2212217984.7582186842.4122145319.2842103800.2385
06 December 2023249628.6476229216.9976218801.2242187542.2402145867.4828104188.7597
05 December 2023247890.7414227234.1516216911.6886185920.972144607.7924103289.0142
04 December 2023255052.3146233800.871223175.1492191297.9838148783.4328106275.8801
03 December 2023255133.9612233870.8538223245.132191356.3028148830.088106306.0893
2 December 2023255133.9612233870.8538223245.132191356.3028148830.088106306.0893
1 December 2023255932.9315234605.2066223941.3442191949.7569149720.7358106724.0033
29 November 2023251331.5624230395.0414219885.9576188475.3442146590.6384104708.1487

Gold Jewellery in Sri Lanka

The price of gold remains affordable in Sri Lanka. Due to the lower expenses of making jewelry and low taxes, gold is cheap in Sri Lanka in comparison to other countries. It is observed that in many countries it follows the same trends. The fluctuations in gold price depend upon many factors such as jewelry-making expenses, taxes, etc.

Gold Buying Tips

  • Before buying the gold check its purity which is measured in karats.
  • Hallmarking is the appropriate method to measure the purity of jewelry.
  • Ensure that you are buying gold jewelry with proper weight before paying.
  • Gold jewelry should not be bought without proper security.

Gold As An Investment

Investors can buy gold coins, biscuits, and bars from gold shops and sell them when the price of gold increases to get a profit.

Gold Karats In Sri Lanka

  • Gold 24k has 99.99% purity with Hallmark 999
  •  Gold 22k has 91.67% purity with Hallmark 916
  •  Gold 20k has 83.33% purity with Hallmark 833
  •  Gold 18k has 75.00% purity with Hallmark 750
  •  Gold 16k has 66.67% purity with Hallmark 667
  •  Gold 14k has 58.33% purity with Hallmark 583
  •  Gold 12k has 50.00% purity with Hallmark 500
  •  Gold 10k has 41.67% purity with Hallmark 417

1. 24 karat Gold

Gold is more expensive and valuable when it is in its pure form (99.9%) which is 24k. It is very soft to make jewelry. It is the most malleable type of gold and is rarely used to make jewelry. You can buy 24k gold and convert it into 22k while making jewelry.

2. 23 karat Gold

23k gold contains 23 parts of pure gold and one part of other metals. This type of gold is more harder and durable than 24k gold. At most jewelry shops you can find 23k gold rings, necklaces, chains, earrings, etc. 23k gold is most liked by people because it is too strong and keeps its value over time.

3. 20 karat Gold

20k gold contains 83.3% gold and the remaining part consists of metals which means 20 parts of pure gold and 4 parts of other metals.. It has 83.33% purity with Hallmark 833.

Factors Affecting the Gold Price

Gold prices change due to many reasons such as global market trends, economic conditions, inflations, etc. The exchange rate between LKR and the US dollar fluctuates its prices mainly.

Gold is made up of atoms with 79 protons, 79 electrons, and 118 neutrons. The physical and chemical properties of gold are determined by this atom.

Gold is an expensive and valuable metal that is difficult to extract. It is the best investment for investors. It is non-corrosive and durable and used for different purposes such as in electronics, jewelry, medical tools, aerospace, etc.

24k gold is pure gold without any impurities while other karats such as 18k is 75 percent pure, 14k is 58.3 percent pure and 10k is 41.7 percent pure.

999 gold is considered as the purist gold which is also called 24 karats gold. This means purity in parts per 1000 out of which 999 parts are gold.

24 karat is the pure gold without any other metals. It is soft and malleable and used for different purposes.

Rose gold is an alloy made up of a mix of pure gold and copper. This combination changes its karats and purity. For example, 18k rose gold contains 75% pure gold and 25% copper.