Today Gold Price in Bangladesh

24k Per Tola

85246 BDT

24k Per Gram

7,308 BDT

Gold Price in Bangladesh

On 19th June 2024 the price of 24k Gold is 85246.16 BDT per tola in Bangladesh. Today 24K gold price is 73086.1 BDT for 10 grams and the cost of 24K gold per gram is 7,308.61 BDT. Gold prices in Bangladesh are also calculated per ounce, kilogram, tola, and gram for the most common karats.

The prices of gold in most common karats are given in the table. Karat denotes the purity of gold. 24 karat is 99.9 percent pure gold while 22 karat gold contains 75 percent gold and 25 percent other metals.

Gold PurityPer Tola10 Grams01 GramPer Ounce

In Bangladesh, the 21K gold price per gram is 6,395.03 BDT, the cost of 18k gold per gram is 5,481.46 BDT, and the 14k gold per gram value is 4,263.35 BDT.

24K Gold Prices as per Weight

Gold is the word that represents something expensive, pure, and beautiful. It is widely used to make jewelry, especially during the wedding season. The prices of gold fluctuate due to many reasons. In the below table, you can check the current prices of Grain, Ratti, Masha, Tola, and kilogram of gold for 24 Karats.

24K Gold WeightPrice in BDT
1 Grain473.5898885
1 Ratti1315.5498
1 Masha7103.96892
1 Tola85246.16532
1 Kilogram7308610

Last 15 Days Gold Price History – Per Tola

26 December 202385007.0574277924.7980674382.7352763756.6635649588.5290635420.39456
25 December 202384647.3458377593.3128674066.4130263485.4802149377.6475635269.69827
24 December 202384587.7438177538.7262874014.2758363440.8078649342.8894335244.85437
23 December 202384587.7438177538.7262874014.2758363440.8078649342.8894335244.85437
22 December 202384690.1519777632.6198774103.8538263517.5556649402.6080935303.17337
21 December 202383596.4374576630.1162673146.9556662697.3572448764.5982334826.47387
20 December 202383779.4424776797.841773307.0996462834.6401748871.32234908.12047
19 December 202383381.4736176396.0237972923.4772662505.8376548615.651534722.54941
18 December 202383,37576,42772,95462,53248,63634,740
17 December 202383,76276,78273,29262,82248,86134,901
16 December 202383,76276,78273,29262,82248,86134,901
15 December 202383,30976,36772,89562,48248,59734,712
14 December 202383935.154276940.6066173482.2899162984.7532848988.4265534991.74991
13 December 202381731.9790274920.9030171515.4233261291.5194347671.2336234050.83117
12 December 202381919.6495675093.0606971679.7662661453.6462547797.319334140.99234
11 December 202382487.6766275627.146172189.5909661876.8089148126.3550934376.01791
10 December 202382761.5426476741.3889172416.3352362071.1278248277.5179434483.90806
09 December 202382761.5426476741.3889172416.3352362071.1278248277.5179434483.90806
08 December 202383797.1714480307.2458573324.0121562849.1032848882.6358934916.16849
07 December 202383792.2726576809.505573318.1802562844.20449855168.590834914.06901
06 December 202383762.7632376782.5621273292.4032562812.8288648854.4094934895.99012
05 December 202383136.183976105.4785372646.2287362268.129448399.4046534571.03665

Bangladesh Jewellery

In Bangladesh, the cost of gold jewelry increased for more than a year. The reason behind this is trends in the international market and a public demand. 20 tonnes to 40 tonnes of gold is demanded in Bangladesh per year.

Gold prices are greatly affected by a worldwide lockdown. After the lockdown, gold prices were lower in the beginning but then the cost of gold suddenly rose. Gold is the most precious thing among the Bangladeshi people.  The Bangladeshi women are fond of buying various gold jewelry.

Gold Market in Bangladesh

People buy gold when its prices are low and sell it when the price of gold increases to get their profit. Currently, people use old gold to make new designs of ornaments. It is very profitable for investors.

Purity of Gold

Karat is used to indicate the purity of gold. In the past, there was no specific way to know how much gold people got by selling their gold ornaments. It is said that the jewelers deceive the sellers by paying them according to their wishes. But the karat system and Hallmark solved this issue. Hallmark indicates the type of gold from which the ornament is made. Nowadays buyers check the hallmark of gold before buying a piece of jewelry.

Factors Affecting Gold Prices

  • The price of gold varies due to changes in the worth of currency and the economic conditions.
  • Another factor is public demand. When more gold is available or less number of people buy it the price of gold decreases. But when a wedding season starts large number of people buy it that’s why the price of gold increases.
  • The price of gold fluctuates with the change in the value of currency, especially the US Dollar. It largely affects the price of gold. If the worth of your currency becomes lower the rate of gold increases.